What is Skål?

Skål International is the only international organisation which brings together all sectors of the travel and tourism industry. Representing the industry’s managers and executives, Skål members meet at local, national and international levels in an environment of friendship to discuss subjects of common interest. Skål has approximately 15,000 tourism professionals in 400 Clubs spread throughout 87 countries. As in other associations of professionals most Skål activities take place locally, but the movement also features National and Area Committees under the umbrella of Skål International.


VISION STATEMENT: Be a Trusted Voice in Travel and Tourism.

MISSION STATEMENT: Through our leadership, professionalism and friendship, work together to enhance our Vision, maximise networking opportunities and develop a Responsible Tourism Industry.

Skål International, following the United Nations declaration of 2002 as the Year of Ecotourism and the Mountains, launched the Ecotourism Awards in the same year, to highlight and acknowledge best practices around the globe. The Ecotourism Awards are now known as Sustainable Development in Tourism Awards.

Skål International is an Affiliate Member of the UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization) whose mission is to promote the development of responsible, sustainable and universally accessible tourism. Skål has adopted the Global Code of Ethics in Tourism, and also supports the Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children from sexual exploitation in tourism, ECPAT International and the project ST-EP (Sustainable Tourism- Eliminating Poverty). Skål International is also a member of ICTP (International Coalition of Tourism Partners) and a partner of IIPT (International Institute for Peace through Tourism).

Skål is not only a friendship association, but provides many opportunities for members to do business together.

Every year a Skål Club is responsible to organise the annual World Congress, which includes the General Assembly, Tourism Forum and Business to Business Workshop. This Congress provides a unique opportunity for Skålleagues to meet other members from around the world, make new friends and renew and revitalise old friendships in an atmosphere where the power of friendship can actually be felt. The Tourism Forum and Business to Business Workshop provide the possibility of “Doing Business among Friends”. It also presents the opportunity, in a very special way, to see parts of the world and special features not seen by the normal traveller.

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